Thursday, October 6, 2011

Victoria's Secret PINK!(:

 I'm in love with the PINK line at VS. They always have new creative designs and vibrant colors! One constant sale that never fails is their 5/$25 undies! My favorite are the boyshorts! Also, most of the time when purchasing with pink you're given a special offer. Today I got a tote bag for only five doll-hairs! Ok, not really, but for only five actual dollars with any pink purchase!(:


  1. Her liquid gaze could melt the coldest heart,
    Her perfect face framed ‘round by ebony;
    Since early on her dancing was an art –
    Lithe hands and limbs in quaking ecstasy.
    Not one to walk on eggshells, biting wit
    And knife-blade tongue would often trouble make;


  2. To follow it's just the "follow" button on the top left of the screen! and I got those glitter nail polishes at a Sunny's Beauty Supply! :) and in the photo I'm wearing fiji by Essie, definitely by favorite pink! :D i'll make sure to follow back!

  3. oh ok(: Thanx! It's really pretty, and alrighty i'll be sure to follow you asap!

  4. I love the PINK boyfriend sweats! I live in them!

    <3 Melanie @